Internet of Things - IoT

    The Internet of Things or IoT is a network of physical objects, equipped with embedded technologies to communicate with each other or with the environment. IoT has revolutionized the market by interconnecting devices and equipment that collect and analyze information in real time, making faster and more competent decisions.


Primatech Global Monitor for companies:

    Access to more data on methane gas safety systems, thus having a greater ability to take the necessary measures in a timely manner;
    Within the gas safety sector, Primatech Global Monitor allows the exact location of alarms and errors in gas safety systems networks.
    Allows you to quickly locate the physical locations of gas security systems, Primatech Global Monitor can display both the physical address and location on the map.
    Use of the data provided by Primatech Global Monitor to streamline maintenance work, warnings regarding the service life of the gas protection systems recommended by the manufacturer.
    Generating new sources of revenue by adding a predictive maintenance service to a product package.
    Streamlining transport and logistics by providing clear information on the behavior or status of the gas safety system.
    Close monitoring of all gas safety systems in networks monitored by Primatech Global Monitor to ensure that they are used properly (allows viewing of alarm and error history).

How does Primatech Global Monitor work?

    The IoT solution Primatech Global Monitor enables the creation and monitoring of gas safety networks.
    By network we mean a system consisting of at least one detector, a solenoid valve and a gateway (AirMeshGateway node).
    Through AirMeshGateway, the network connects to the Internet and transmits the information to Primatech Global Monitor.
    With the help of Primatech Global Monitor we can organize gas safety networks taking into account the topology of the installation site (for example: multi-storey buildings, street, etc.).
    Each methane gas detector has a unique identifier when administered by Primatech Global Monitor.
    Primatech Global Monitor stores installation data, who installed it, who is the end client.
    Primatech Global Monitor alerts the installer and client via email/sms if alarms or errors occur while using gas detectors.